Adding value to your development with solar lighting

Solar lighting increases the value of your property and attracts potential home buyers. Commercial and residential tenants want renewable energy. They want solar. They want to know that the property where they live or work reflects their commitment to the environment. And with Fonroche solar lighting in place, they’ll know your development is a smart choice.

As a developer, you have a unique opportunity to integrate solar lighting into your projects right from the start. Partnering with Fonroche shows that you’re a forward-thinking developer willing to integrate smart technology instead falling back on the old ways.


Keep the lights on, no matter what

Off-grid solar lighting keeps your development well-lit and safe, even during power outages due to heat, storms, floods, or other unsafe conditions. With reliable Fonroche solar light solutions, your lighting will be ready for whatever—including the unplanned events that are becoming more frequent. Low maintenance means you can add renewable lighting without adding ongoing costs. And if you choose lighting as a service, you include the cost of lighting in monthly fees/dues—with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Show your commitment to the future

Choosing the most modern technologies is the hallmark of a visionary developer—one that can differentiate your development. You wouldn’t install oil-burning lamps, would you? Choose the future. Make Fonroche solar street lighting part of your next development.

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