Save More Than Money with SmartLight Solar Street Lights

Spending money on grid-connected lighting is like investing in the past.

Our solar street lights eliminate the cost of electricity.

But they also get rid of the costs and headaches of traditional lighting—including trenching, hook-ups, and maintenance.

After all, our lights don’t require scheduled maintenance for the first decade, and are built to last. Plus, they’re vandal proof.


Smart From the Start

We keep our solutions simple with Smartlight—one proven, powerful solar light that meets a wide range of needs. Its unique black solar panel looks elegant, day or night. No hanging wires or bulky battery box. No solar panel that looks like a high school science project. We use powerful components and smart controls to provide all the energy you need in a sleek package, so you can count on all-night lighting all year around.

We deliver light where it matters—on your site—not spilling over into neighboring properties or up into the

Smart at the Heart

At the heart of every Smartlight, you’ll find the Power 365 Power Center, our innovative solution for smart storage and management. Our Power 365 Center brings you:

  • Protection from water and dust ingress
  • Water-tight, plug-and-play connectors
  • Superior battery technology for longer life and an attractive profile
  • On-board anti-blackout protection
  • Long Range Wireless (LoRa) included for LAN and WAN communications

Smart Batteries for exceptional performance

The biggest maintenance expense associated with solar street lights is battery replacement. Fonroche’s own Nickel Alloy (NiMH) batteries outperform AGM, lithium and gel batteries in the field.

We formulated our batteries to excel in tough temperature ranges, so they have very wide temperature tolerances—for both charging and operating.