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Military Solar Lights

We help you bring new efficiency and resiliency to your facility

All federal agencies need to ensure that their energy management is efficient, resilient, and secure. We help you integrate military solar lighting into your infrastructure, achieving your objectives. Our Smartlight solar lighting for federal and military buildings create utility-independence and pave the way for more resilience in the future.

Declare your grid independence

We help you prepare for and recover from energy disruptions caused by man and nature. For example, our Smartlights let you bring light to areas at risk of flooding, ensuring that the lights will stay on, no matter what happens. And you can light new locations where connecting to the grid is difficult or impossible.

Appropriate military solar lights at the right price

We protect you from the cyber-vulnerabilities that threaten the commercial utility grid. As stand-alone systems, each Smartlight is an island, protected from grid shutdowns and cyberthreats—as well as traditional vandals. And since they require no scheduled maintenance for 10+ years, our lights eliminate the cost of day-to-day maintenance. In times of tight budgets, our solutions are cost-effective to buy, cost-free to maintain (for 10+ years)—and they cut ongoing costs by eliminating electric bills.

Made in the USA

Our solar lighting systems are made in the United States, with clear documentation that can speed the purchasing process. [To be confirmed/adjusted]
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