Smart from the start

We keep our solutions simple with Smartlight—one proven, powerful solar light that meets a wide range of needs. Its unique black solar panel looks elegant, day or night. No hanging wires or bulky battery box. No solar panel that looks like a high school science project. We use powerful components and smart controls to provide all the energy you need in a sleek package, so you can count on all-night lighting all year around.
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Dark-Sky Standards
We can deliver light where it matters, on your site—not spilling over into neighboring properties or up into the night sky.


Smart at the heart

At the heart of every Smartlight, you’ll find the Power 365 Power Center, our innovative solution for smart storage and management. Our Power 365 Center brings you:

  • Protection from water and dust ingress
  • Water-tight, plug-and-play connectors
  • Superior battery technology for longer life and an attractive profile
  • On-board anti-blackout protection
  • Long Range Wireless (LoRa) provision for optional LAN and WAN communications

Smart batteries for exceptional performance

The biggest maintenance expense associated with solar street lights is battery replacement. Fonroche’s own Nickel Alloy (NiMH) batteries outperform AGM, lithium and gel batteries in the field. We formulated our batteries to excel in tough temperature ranges, so they have very wide temperature tolerances—for charging and operating.

Charging Temperature:

  • Most lithium ion batteries discharge in cold climates but don’t accept a charge below freezing.
  • Fonroche’s industrial NiMH battery formulation charges and discharges in temperatures from -40°F to +158°F.

Operating Temperature:

  • Heat shortens the life of lead acid batteries very quickly. That’s why we developed the Power 365 NiMH battery/charging system, which is optimized to meet the rugged challenges of solar lighting. It’s built for operating in temperatures up 158° F.
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Smart for the environment

Our Smartlight is the smart choice for solar street lighting—and the green choice for the environment. You’ll find smart choices throughout the design of our Smartlight, aimed at minimizing environmental impact and maximizing sustainability—while controlling costs. For example, all of Smartlight’s components can be recycled, including its batteries, solar panels, and its light pole.

The Smartlight pole is made of corrosion-resistant, lightweight, durable aluminum—an environmentally responsible material. Steel light poles require galvanization, which emits toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. But aluminum is a naturally corrosion-resistant and impervious to the ravages of time, including temperature, humidity, and warping. Its incredibly long life (some aluminum light poles have been in service for 60+ years) lowers environmental impact even more. When its work is done, Smartlight poles are 100% recyclable, saving 95% of the energy it would take to produce new material from bauxite ore.


Fonroche Connect—Even Smarter

Every Smartlight is LoRa enabled (Long Range Wireless). So you can add an optional gateway to monitor every detail of your lighting project. Schedule programming changes, track energy production, measure carbon off-set, detect faults, and more.
More on Fonroche Connect Here

Smart Choices

Our simple but powerful approach to solar lighting continues with Smartlight options—Smartlight Single Arm and Smartlight Twin.

Smartlight Single Arm
Smart-Light Single Arm features Power 365 Technology. This versatile solar street light is appropriate for basic pedestrian lighting, solar street lighting applications and for parking lot illumination.

Smartlight Twin
Smartlight Twin features Power 365 Technology to power twin luminaires. It’s ideal for parking lot and median street lighting applications.


Ultra-high efficiency LEDs (180 lumens/watt) reduce the amount of energy you need to generate and store


Unlike lithium ion batteries, Fonroche nickel alloy batteries reliably charge and discharge in extreme heat and cold


The Power 365 system can be deeply discharged and still provide 10-year maintenance-free performance


Anti-blackout intelligence ensures all night lighting 365 nights a year

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