Outdoor Commercial Solar Lighting for Properties

Add value with reliable, sustainable solar lighting

Commercial solar lighting benefits businesses in several ways, which is why they have gained popularity in recent years. From corporate campuses to manufacturing facilities to retail stores, our outdoor commercial solar lighting for properties excel in adding value to business properties and facilities without multiplying costs. Installing commercial grade solar lights in your parking lot sends a strong message to shoppers, visitors, and others, who see that your facility is environmentally friendly. Adding our commercial solar lighting in a parking lot creates a safe, well-lit environment that attracts people, but doesn’t intrude on the surrounding property. Should the electric grid shut down for any reason, our lights stay on—serving as reliable emergency lighting.

Commercial Solar Lighting Assures Fast Installation, Less Interruption

Unlike extending traditional grid lighting, we can add our Smartlight solar lighting systems without disturbing the built environment, including sidewalks, roads, and other difficult-to-deal-with existing structures. Our attractive reliable commercial grade solar lights keep employees, customers, and visitors happy and safe—all night, every night. Our simple, low-impact approach means that industrial solar powered outdoor lights can be installed in a couple of hours, without disrupting your business or your neighbors.

Add Outdoor Commercial Solar Lighting to Your Property

Every commercial property is different. Our experts and our network of partners can help you determine how to bring outdoor commercial solar lighting systems to your property in the most cost-effective way. During the day, when solar energy is abundant, the solar panels charge the Power 365 battery assembly. When it gets dark, the controller switches on the LED lights, drawing on the stored solar power. The lights are low maintenance too. You won’t have to revisit our commercial grade solar lights for scheduled maintenance for a decade or more.


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