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Networked Solar Lighting

Fonroche Connect Running on Various Devices

Fonroche Connect is a smart lighting system designed for autonomous solar lighting. Fonroche Lighting developed the system to enhance nation-wide lighting infrastructure projects. Fonroche has already connected thousands of systems in Africa, South America, and Europe. Fonroche Lighting America is bringing the benefits of networked solar lighting to the USA.

How Networked Solar Street Lighting Saves Money

Smart cities experience savings on operations and maintenance through networked lighting. Instead of relying on 311 calls and site visits, maintenance managers can identify faults and determine next steps from their desktop. Reduced maintenance trips translate into reduced costs.

Illustration of SmartLights Connected to Cloud
Solar Lighting Metrics Display

Track Performance and Sustainability Metrics

With Fonroche Connect you'll be able to track more than just lighting.  You'll be able to measure your contribution to energy targets.  You'll have access to CO2 off-set data, the energy you've generated, and even the amount of stored energy you have on hand.

Build Resilience

Unlike traditional smart lighting systems, Fonroche Connect functions without utility power. Communication and illumination continue during planned or emergency utility power outages.

You can identify lighting systems that are operating and even relocate them to support recovery efforts.

Lighting Systems Displayed on Map

Network Ready Solar Lighting Systems

Fonroche SmartLights include an FCC Certified 365 Power Center that is "Fonroche Connect" ready. The addition of a gateway(s) will allow you to activate Fonroche Connect portal access. You will be able to track locations and status of street lights, request lighting profile changes, measure CO2 off-set, track energy production, and measure stored energy on hand. You can also view maps to visualize street lighting projects and their status.

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