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Rural Solar Lighting

We help tribal leaders bring light and safety to underserved areas

Tribal leaders throughout the US turn to Fonroche to bring much-needed light to roadways, underlit areas, parks, walking trails, and more. They choose us because we understand their unique needs. Our low-footprint tribal solar lighting systems eliminate the extensive trenching and other earthwork required by traditional grid-connected lighting. Lights can be sited respectfully, where they’re needed. We help build the lighting infrastructure while minimizing disturbance to the land.

Keep all areas accessible and well-lit

Reliable rural solar lighting helps keep areas safe, whether it’s a path for pedestrians, a street corner where people congregate, or a roadway shared by pedestrians and cars. In all cases, more light means more safety. Our rugged Smartlights are extremely reliable (and vandal-proof) so they keep the lights on all night, 365 days a year. And well-lit communities tend to encourage more walking and inspire greater health.

Reduce maintenance and costs

Installing rural solar lighting is just the beginning. Smartlights mean smart engineering, so they’re built to last, with no scheduled maintenance for the first decade. Our Smartlights provide an attractive alternative to grid-connected lighting—and to lower-quality solar solutions, which can’t match our capabilities or reliability.


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