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Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

Why Light a Lot?

Solar commercial parking lot lights are a great option for adding lighting to your parking areas. But why is parking lighting important?

  • Solar Parking Lot Lighting provides security for your property, for vehicles in the lot and for visitors to your facility.
  • Parking lots bring cars and people together in the same area. Adding solar powered parking lot lights makes lots safer and limits liability by preventing accidents, as well as trips and slips.
  • Lighting is good for business. Your solar commercial parking lot lighting will build visibility and create a sense of security for employees and customers alike. More and more building owners and managers are choosing solar lighting for their parking lots. It shows that they care about the environment, enhances their brand, and attracts new customers or tenants.

Do Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights Really Work?

Some do and some do not. Be sure that your system is designed for commercial use. It needs to be sized for a specific geographic location too. Also check for references and previous experience.

Fonroche Lighting America makes some of the best commercial solar lighting for parking lots in the world, requiring minimal or no maintenance. We’ve been bringing solar lighting to parking lots and other areas for many years. It’s a great use of solar lighting systems, and a proven success.

Here's an example. We installed our first solar lighting project at Sandia National Labs in 2006. They are still in operation. Since then ten additional projects of our solar powered parking lot lights were installed.

Our solar lights tolerate heat, wind, and flooding. Fonroche’s application designers will help you find the right SmartLight model for your project. First, they analyze your climate. Then they use recognized lighting practices to create a layout.

What are the benefits of using solar lighting versus traditional lighting?

Easy Installation - Installing traditional lights in an existing lot will require expensive boring or trenching. Then you'll face the added cost of re-paving and restriping. Solar lighting eliminates the need for any underground wiring or trenching.

Reliability - Because our solar parking lot lights with poles are completely independent, they aren't affected by utility power outages. Your lights stay on during black-outs and emergencies

Low Maintenance Costs - Once your solar lighting poles are installed, you won't have any scheduled maintenance for at least 10 years. Then battery replacement is a plug and play swap of the power box.

Energy Savings - You'll never have to wonder how much you'll be paying for electricity in the future. With solar lighting you'll never see a utility bill.

Consider Solar For Your Parking Lot

Consider solar lighting for any parking lot, but especially for:

  • New park and ride lots
  • Parks and reserves
  • Schools with paved lots
  • Emergency rally points
  • Dark (scary) corners
  • Temporary Parking Lots
  • Lots with aging underground infrastructure
  • Net Zero or LEED facilities

How Our Solar Lighting Overcomes Barriers to Parking Lot Lighting

There are some barriers to lighting parking lots.

Light Pollution and Light Tresspass - Neighbors and local governments might be concerned. They might not want sky glow to spoil their view of the sky. They may also be worried about light encroaching on their property or into their homes. Fonroche has solutions that are Dark Sky Compliant. We can also provide shields to prevent light spilling into the wrong places.

Cost - With the new Inflation Reduction Act, investing in solar has never been more affordable. You can recover 30% or more of you solar lighting equipment and installation cost with the Investment Tax Credit.

If you have any questions about lighting your parking lot, please contact us by phone or email. We can assist you in selecting the best solar powered parking lot lights for your needs.

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