Light a Lot

Enhance your parking lot for new convenience and safety

We’ve been bringing solar lighting to parking lots and other areas for many years. It’s a great use of solar lighting systems, and a proven success. In fact, we installed our first solar lighting project at Sandia National Labs in 2006 and they are still in operation, along with ten additional parking lot lighting projects installed at the site over the past 12 years.


More and more building owners and managers are choosing solar lighting for their parking lots to show that they care about the environment, to enhance their brand, and to attract new customers or tenants.

When should you use solar light?

Fonroche commercial solar lighting is a great choice for:

  • New park and ride lots, which often don’t have electricity available nearby
  • Parks and reserves
  • Schools with paved lots and little or no existing lighting
  • Temporary lots
  • Emergency rally points
  • Dark (scary) corners

Why use solar lighting?

Providing commercial solar parking lot lighting can enhance safety, encourage retail traffic, and reduce liability. And it’s convenient and cost-effective. Easy-to-install solar lighting avoids design work, trenching and re-striping. Solar-powered area lights meet the specific challenges of parking lots.

It’s the right choice for parking lots:

  • Aging underground infrastructure
  • Paved parking areas in need of lighting
  • Trenching challenges including permitting, wetlands, bedrock, and landscaping
  • Sustainability, Net Zero CO2 or LEED targets
  • Overflow parking needs in areas without infrastructure

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