Take a Walk (or Ride) on the Lighter Side

Improve trails, pathways, walk/ride corridors, and parks

Our parks and greenways are valuable and solar lighting parks makes them safer and more accessible. Communities are investing in more green spaces to promote health, reduce traffic, and provide recreation opportunities. Why should they only be available during daylight hours, when many of us are at work or school?

Municipalities often choose solar lighting for parks. Whether you need to light a trail or you need solar parking lights, installing our solar lighting system is easy. If you are using direct burial poles, it's not much different than planting a tree. There is no expensive trenching that can damage existing landscape or hardscape. Plus, you'll avoid the cost of switchgear, hookup, and electric bills.

Solar lighting for parks is sustainable and resilient too. The systems are emission-free and flood tolerant. If the utility power fails, your solar lights will continue to perform. And at the end-of-life, you can recycle 95% of the system's component materials.

Whether you are lighting miles of trail or a pocket park, solar lighting for parks is speedy, sustainable, and cost effective.

When should you use solar light?

Fonroche solar street lighting is ideal for:

  • Rail-to-trail projects (no trenching or soil remediation costs)
  • Underlit sidewalks and paths
  • Areas that need to feel safer
  • Parks, from parklets to major parks

Why use Solar Lighting for Parks and Pathways?

Fonroche makes lighting pathways and parks easier:

  • NO trenching and wiring
  • “Neighbor-friendly” lighting
  • NO remediation cost
  • Choice of color temperatures
  • Overcome right-of-way barriers
  • Meet IES guidelines all year

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