solar parking lights

Solar Lighting Lincoln Nebraska

Last summer, the City of Lincoln, Nebraska installed solar lighting at the Jamaica North Trailhead.
Most municipalities install solar street lighting to cut initial installation costs.
Lincoln understood those savings. There is no trenching, wiring or landscape repair. And solar lighting is an especially good solution for parks and other remote areas like the trailhead.

Weatherization and Solar Lights

Cost isn’t the only consideration. Climate matters too.
No one would have guessed how cold it would get in Lincoln this winter (-31 degrees). This renewable solution was ready for winter, while rolling blackouts plagued the area in February.
The City selected the Fonroche SmartLight for the project. This generation of solar lighting is weatherized.  The key ingredient is Fonroche Lighting’s 365 Power Center. It’s NMIH battery charges and operates in a temperature range of -40°F to +158°F. Our own BMS (Battery Management System) manages the battery state of charge and keeps the system balanced through all types of weather.
The lighting also aligns with the City’s Climate Resilience Vision. It’s a solution that stays on 365 nights a year, even during utility power outages. And it’s emission free.