solar street light with pole and battery

Solar Parking Lot Lighting – Missouri

Shows solar light installed in parking lot

St. Charles County installed solar parking lot lighting at The Park at New Melle Lakes. The park is home to The Landhaus rental facility. The parks department recently opened it for weddings and special events. The facility overlooks the nearby lake. With space for 160 people, a deck, and beautiful views of the lake, it had almost everything. But it did not have access to electricity for lighting in the parking lot.

Since autumn is one of the most scenic times in the area, events could easily slip into after dark hours.

Installing Solar Parking Lot Lighting

St. Charles parks opted for solar parking lot lighting. Every light has its own power center, so there is no trenching or wiring expense. On top of that, the park’s own facilities team was able to install the lighting. Installing the lighting is as easy as planting a tree and you don’t have to water them.


The Fonroche SmartLights are customized for the project location. That means that the system will provide reliable lighting 365 nights a year. And, with an operating temperature of -40F to +157F, it will perform regardless of the weather.


The maintenance schedule is attractive too.  Using the latest NiMH technology, the batteries won’t need replacement for 10 or more years. Overall, it’s a fast and cost-effective way to bring lighting to areas that don’t have infrastructure in place already.

A Solution for Cost-Savings and Park Revenue

In the past, Parks found that roots, rocks, mature landscaping, and long wire-runs made lighting impossible in many areas. Solar lighting provides a cost-effective alternative.

Lighting makes parks and trails available for more hours and to more people. Lighting grows the revenue potential for rental venues by extending hours and/or seasonal access.