Municipal Solar Street Lights

We help you bring solar street lighting to your town or city

Municipal solar street lights are helping state and local governments find smart ways to address climate change, resilience, and safety.

We help towns and cities strengthen their infrastructure, making them less reliant on the grid. Solar lighting is powered by 100% renewable energy. We can provide effective outdoor solar street lamps for roads, in parks and in parking lots. Municipalities with solar lighting are more resilient to natural disasters, too. When the grid goes out, our lights stay on. Even our wireless network is smarter, powering its gateways with uninterrupted solar power.

Because of municipal solar lighting, towns can provide cost-effective lighting for safety and quality of life in hard-to-reach areas. All without sacrificing their commitment to the environment.

We’ll help you provide lighting that meets IESNA requirements or your local lighting ordinances. Then we’ll guarantee that you’ll have reliable lighting 365 nights a year.

Keep all areas accessible and well-lit

No matter the size or location of your municipality, our municipal street lights will keep your citizens comfortable and safe—all night, every night, always. Our advanced Smartlight light poles let you choose the capabilities that meet your needs—whether you’re lighting a parking lot or a pathway. Long battery life keeps our lights on all night every night, for ten to twelve years. Even if your community is far from the Sun Belt.

Save money

Spending money on traditional grid-connected lighting is like investing in the past. Our municipal solar street lights eliminate the cost of electricity. They also help you get rid of the significant ancillary costs and headaches of traditional lighting—including trenching, wire-theft, and maintenance. After all, our lights don’t require scheduled maintenance for the first decade, and are built to last.

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