The Road Ahead

is lit by the sun, day and night

Is solar lighting ready for roadways? With Fonroche, the answer is a loud yes, as solar powered street lights have gained much traction. Solar lighting on streets is highly recommended as it is bright, cost efficient, low on maintenance, and helps increase safety at nights. It is lit up at night all through the year as there are no power cut issues. Our commercial and industrial solar street lights are already popular. Additionally, we offer solar highway lighting systems which are easy to use and have an automatic turn off feature.

Our advances in LED efficiency, charging efficiency, and lighting control make our street lights the most viable solution for many types of roadway lighting. Whether a road or a street, lighting is a common requirement at both places. But did you know solar LED street lights and solar highway lighting systems have different requirements? We know it better and we meet these and more requirements with equal ease. From a single fixture at the end of a quiet residential cul-de-sac in Northern California to a 50,000-pole nationwide infrastructure system in Senegal, our customers have found that solar street lights are the right choice.

When should you use solar light?

Fonroche solar street lighting is ideal for:

  • Dark neighborhoods without underground infrastructure
  • Net zero-ready residential developments
  • Remote and rural highways

Why use solar lighting?

Fonroche puts you on the road:

  • Fonroche provides lighting designs that meet your own requests or CIE or IESNA lighting guidelines.
  • Luminaires offer fully documented long life and reliability.
  • Our commercial solar street lights are designed to be resistant to heat and water

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