Fonroche Solar Luminaire Selections

Efficiency is important for all outdoor lighting applications but especially so for a solar fixture. A less efficient fixture translates into a larger and more costly solar panel and battery system to support it. Fonroche makes choosing the right fixture easy with three energy efficient luminaires. Each has it's own aesthetic appeal but they all share the same high performance characteristics.

Polyester Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Alloy makes our housing durable, with excellent weather resistance. The modular LED light engines provide IP67 ingress protection and IK09 high impact protection. Depending on drive current and distribuion, these modules are capable of more the 190 lumens per watt efficacy.

Our fixtures are available in type 2, type 3 and type 4 light distributions to maximize your lighting investment. We design all of our fixtures with zero uplight to protect our night sky. Color temperatures include a dark sky friendly warm white (3000K) or a neutral white (4000K).

Fonroche has a solutions for streetlights, parking lot lights, pathway lights, and area lights. With any of our choices you'll enjoy dusk to dawn reliability and durability. 

Essential CK Street and Area Solar Light Fixture

This contemporary solar luminaire is our standard option. It has a sleek design that works well in almost any environment.

The CK 16B is a good choice for lighting residential streets, busy roads, parking lots, trails, and playgrounds. It is also great for security lighting. A house-side shield is available to avoid unwelcome light trespass. Note that only 3000K luminaires are dark sky compliant.


Opera Decorative Solar Pendant

Introducing OPERA - a beautiful lantern made for Fonroche solar streetlights. OPERA combines traditional and modern elements to create a charming atmosphere. We carefully choose the color combinations to make a lasting impression.

The Opera has an aethetic appearance day and night. You can use it in both traditional and modern projects.   

The design has technical details to control heat and improve efficiency. We position the LED modules strategically for the best solar lighting. OPERA is a stylish option for cities, commercial areas, parks, or neighborhoods.


Belle Epoque - Solar Powered Lighting with Tradition and Modernity

The BELLE EPOQUE lantern is a decorative solar luminaire that combines nostalgia and modernity. Traditional post lights inspire it, and it features a vintage lamp shape. However, it suspends upside down for a unique and robust appearance.

The lantern fits well in traditional urban areas like town squares and business districts. It has a solid and well-made design that adds to its aesthetic appeal.

In addition to looking good, the BELLE EPOQUE lantern also has excellent energy performance. It uses LED modules to provide high-quality lighting with no uplight.

The mounting arm's construction and attachment create the illusion of the lantern floating. This enhances the sense of weightlessness in the light. Experience a whole new level elegance with this outdoor solar light.

Two Solar Lanterns on Transparent background

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