Solar Street Lights in Parking Lot

Fonroche Lighting America Purchases SolarOne

Fonroche Lighting America, subsidiary of the French company Fonroche Lighting, has acquired SolarOne Solutions in an asset purchase agreement. The transaction was completed on August 16, 2019.

This agreement lays the groundwork for disrupting the outdoor lighting industry.

Two Top-Tier Outdoor Solar Lighting Organizations, Joining Forces

The Fonroche Group, founded in 2008, is a major player in the renewable energy industry, with extensive expertise in lighting, biogas, and geothermal solutions. Its off-grid solar lighting division has sold almost 100,000 units, including one of the largest solar street lighting installations in the world. This base provides a robust foundation for launching a global expansion plan.

SolarOne Solutions was founded in Massachusetts in 2004. In 2017, it acquired Inovus Solar, based in Boise, Idaho. The combined entity cemented SolarOne’s position as North America’s leading solar lighting company. Fonroche’s acquisition confirms its deep commitment to becoming the clear global leader in solar street lighting. Fonroche gains SolarOne’s brand recognition, 15 years of technical and market experience, and its nationwide network of channel partners.

The scale of Fonroche’s business has allowed it to explore many areas critical to success in the solar lighting business—including battery storage technology and a design aesthetic that improves appearance, simplicity, and cost. Fonroche has also been able to optimize supply chain, quality assurance, and production to deliver more value.

The new SolarOne/Fonroche products bring us to a remarkable inflection point. In many instances, our commercial grade, off-grid solar lighting will be at parity (or better) than grid-connected, conventional lighting that requires underground wiring.

What does the acquisition mean for SolarOne?

SolarOne’s vision has always focused on using solar street lighting to advance the transition to sustainable energy sources and resilient infrastructure. With this alliance, SolarOne and its partners will offer compelling solutions that provide an attractive alternative to grid-connected lighting.

We will remain committed to providing affordable, reliable solar street lighting that is more sustainable and more resilient than grid-tied alternatives.