A Guide to the Types of Solar-Powered Parking Lot Lights

A Guide to the Types of Solar-Powered Parking Lot Lights

Are you a business owner looking to go green and considering solar-powered options over traditional parking lot lights? Choosing lighting can be a daunting task, as there are seemingly endless types of solar-powered parking lot lights out there. With the right information, however, selecting the best lights for your parking lot doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. This guide to the types of solar-powered parking lot lights will provide you with an overview of all the different solar-powered parking light options currently on the market. With this information, you can make an informed decision about which type is best for your needs.

Types of Parking Lot Lights

When it comes to outdoor parking lots, the right kind of lighting is essential. Proper lighting increases visibility for cars and pedestrians, making the area safer and more secure. There are several types of lights that businesses can use for their parking lots, each with benefits and disadvantages.

AC Powered

AC-powered parking lot lights appear to be a cost-effective option for outdoor lighting. These lights usually use metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or LED light engines and fixtures that you can mount on poles in parking lots or other areas that require bright illumination. However, the trenching and wiring costs for AC-powered parking lot lights can be high, especially if the installation of such lighting involves a large area. Burying wires underground to supply power to the lamps is a labor-intensive process that requires specialized equipment and skills. Furthermore, multiple circuits may be necessary to ensure adequate power distribution. In addition, digging trenches in paved areas may require the use of heavy equipment, repaving, and restriping. All these costs can add up, so businesses should carefully consider this when determining the overall cost of an AC-powered lighting system.

Solar Powered

Solar-powered lights are becoming increasingly popular in outdoor lighting applications due to their energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. These systems use solar panels to absorb sunlight during the day and store it in batteries for use at night. When the sun sets, these batteries provide power to LEDs or fluorescent bulbs, which illuminate your site. Solar-powered parking lot lights are particularly beneficial in locations where there is no access to traditional AC power or where paving is already in place. They’re also beneficial in parking lots that need to remain lit during utility power outages.


All-in-one parking lot lights typically consist of one unit that contains both the solar panel and LED light fixtures, eliminating the need for additional components. Unfortunately, all-in-one solutions can be problematic because they often lack sufficient power output to adequately light a large area. You can also expect even less performance when you need to face the panel away from the south to get the lighting you need. Many local lighting ordinances are implementing dark-sky restrictions that ban lighting that is tilted upward. Furthermore, all-in-one solutions are typically less durable than traditional AC- or solar-powered lights and will require frequent replacement. As such, businesses should not consider them in public lighting applications.

Types of Parking Lot Lighting Bulbs

Several types of parking lot lighting bulbs or light sources are also available on the market. Choosing the right lighting source can make a huge difference in the safety, security, and overall look of any parking lot. To help you determine the most suitable option for your parking lot, let’s take a quick look at three of the most common.


Historically, HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting was a type of parking lot lighting that was both cost effective and energy efficient. The HID lamp uses xenon gas in combination with metal halide to produce a bright, intense light. HID lighting typically lasts twice as long as conventional incandescent bulbs and offers superior illumination compared to older high-pressure sodium lamps.

Unfortunately, the HID lamps quickly lose their lumen output, and some lamps shift in color. This, combined with the high maintenance cost associated with frequent lamp replacement, has made them outdated.


LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is quickly becoming the most popular choice for parking lot lighting. LED lights provide excellent illumination and are much more energy efficient than HID lighting. They often have 10 times the life span of HID lamps and require less maintenance. You’ll also need less than half the energy that you would expect to use with other light sources. This is because of the high efficiency of LEDs and the fact that you can direct the light more effectively.

Ultimate Solar LED

Ultimate Solar LED lights are a type of parking lot lighting that utilizes a combination of solar energy and LED technology. These lights are self-contained, meaning they don’t require electrical wiring or connections to existing power sources. This makes them a perfect way to save money, build resilience, and ensure security in any application.

What Kind of System Is Best?

In this guide to the types of solar-powered parking lot lights, we covered several popular illumination options. But of all these options, what kind of system is the best choice? At Fonroche Lighting America, we know what makes a great solar-powered parking lot system. It needs to work commercially, be appropriately sized, and provide the level of illumination you need to light up your lot. Our commercial solar lighting for parking lots ticks all these boxes and more.

Fonroche Lighting America offers the highest quality of illumination for your parking lot. Our lighting system meets the requirements of commercial buildings and provides a strong level of illumination that meets both visibility and safety standards.

Another notable benefit of our commercial solar lighting system is its cost savings. Because it runs on solar power, it is not subject to the same expensive energy bills as traditional lighting. Additionally, you can save on installation costs because of its modular design, which requires fewer wires and components than standard systems.

Our system is reliable. Our advanced battery technology and energy analysis mean you can expect maintenance-free operation for at least 10 years. Furthermore, it will continue to provide illumination even during major power outages or other disruptions.

If you are looking for a quality solar-powered parking lot system designed for commercial use that offers superior cost savings, look no further than Fonroche Lighting America. Our commercial solar lighting for parking lots has all the features necessary to provide safe and reliable illumination in any situation. With our system, your parking lot will be brighter, safer, and more cost effective than ever before. Contact us today to learn more.

A Guide to the Types of Solar-Powered Parking Lot Lights