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Solar LED Street Lights | Video

Solar LED street lights solve a number of challenges.  Last week, we shared our finding that 25% of municipalities had tried solar lighting (most of them in the past 5 years).  This video shows why solar street lighting is becoming a trend.  It’s no longer a novelty, but a tried and true means of avoiding trenching costs and providing resilient lighting, even during utility power outages.

Life is full of unexpected surprises, don’t let your lighting be one of them.

Our infrastructure-grade solar LED street light is deployed worldwide. We light highways, parks, parking lots, suburban neighborhoods and greenways.  The key to our success is getting it right from the start.  Your project begins with an analysis of your location for energy, climate, wind load and lighting levels.  We use this to select the optimized solution for your needs and location.

Our solar street light technology gives you the edge too.  Our industrial NiMH batteries are formulated for long life, effective charging and performance over a wide range of temperatures. From -40F to 158F, you can rely on your Smartlight system.

At Fonroche, we’re committed to delivering solutions that will provide reliable, predictable lighting all night – 365 nights a year with no service for 10 years.

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