Solar Lighting Survey

Municipal Solar Street Lighting Survey

Growing interest in Municipal Solar Street Lighting

As part of our outreach for the past year, we’ve been surveying municipal decisions makers.*  We found that 23% of participants had installed solar lighting in their communities. Of those who had deployed solar lighting, 38% had installed solar lighting in just the past year.

What’s Important for Outdoor Lighting?

What are the drivers for choosing outdoor lighting technology? We asked, “When it comes to your outdoor lighting, what is most important to you?” many participants opted for “other,” usually a combination of all the choices.  After that came cost savings, but we were interested to see resiliency emerging as a priority too.

Pie Chart shows Cost Savings a Top Priority for Outdoor Lighting

Why Municipal Solar Street Lighting?

Important areas included: Cost Savings, Sustainability, Energy Savings, Carbon Footprint and Resilience. We believe that municipalities are opting in for solar street lighting for just these reasons.

Cost Savings

Municipal solar street lighting saves you money right from the start.  We eliminate trenching and wiring, while reducing maintenance cost. ..And the sun never sends you a bill.


Fonroche takes the environment seriously.  The SmartLight uses non-toxic, recyclable nickel metal hydride batteries and uses quality components that won’t find their way to the land fill in a few years.  Even our poles can be fully recycled.  If you choose a direct burial pole, you avoid the environmental cost of concrete too.

Energy Savings and the Carbon Footprint

Our systems start out with super efficient LEDs and optics to reduce draw from the start and then operate emission free for decades to come.

Municipal Solar Lighting and Resilience

No utility power?  No problem, your solar powered municipal street lights, like the SmartLight, will continue to provide safe, clean lighting all night long. They are even flood tolerant!

Interested in joining other municipalities that are turning to solar lighting?  Contact us.

* A third party telemarketing firm completed 300 phone surveys with municipal public works and parks officials.