Vandal Proof Solar Lighting Assembly

Vandal-Proofing Solar Lighting

Our solar lighting systems protect you from copper wire theft and we’re also vandal-proofing solar lighting.

Vandal-Proofing Solar Lighting Batteries

Part of the beauty of the SmartLight system is that the robust battery packs are hard to see. A steel mount both holds them in place and protects them from any projectiles. The top of pole location makes getting close enough to damage them difficult too.


Vandal-proofing solar lighting can take several forms.  One of the “incentives” for vandalism of street lights is to put out the lights, either to make a mark or to enable criminal activity. If there’s no immediate gratification, there is less incentive to vandalize.

  • Out of sight -The SmartLight’s black panel and backing blend into the dark sky. This means the panel is less of a target. Much of the panel has the protection of the steel mounting plate.
  • Prepared for impact – Our listed panels undergo high velocity impact tests as part of the certification process too. It’s difficult to break a panel by throwing an object from below.
  • No Drama – If a vandal goes so far as shooting a panel, they won’t get immediate gratification. There will be no shower of glass shards, the lights will remain on at least until the next night and the panel may even continue to charge the batteries.


LED luminaires are frustrating for vandals too. Unlike lamps, LED engines are can endure lots of shock and impact. Even if you succeed in damaging an individual LED or string of LEDs, the fixtures can continue to operate. Bullet-proof shields are an option for locations where vandalism by gun fire is a known issue.

Battery Theft

For traditional solar lighting systems, with older designs, battery theft has been an issue in a few cases. Battery enclosures near the ground are vulnerable and there is a market for lead acid batteries. People know how to use and buy lead acid batteries for other applications.

We haven’t experienced theft at all when we mount the batteries high on the pole.

Fonroche’s Smartlight batteries have added vandal protection

  • The battery enclosure is mounted high on the pole and is also out of sight. The steel plate protects them.
  • Industrial NiMH battery packs do not have a ready market and off-the-shelf controllers aren’t available. This means that they have little street value.
  • Custom fasteners should not be required but can be obtained at extra cost.

Graffiti and Signs

Vandalism by graffiti plagues almost every municipality. Law enforcement recommends quick clean up. Being “seen” rewards the vandal and invites more “responses.” We can’t stop graffiti, but we do offer an optional anti-graffiti finish to make clean-up easier.

Added Security – Vandal protection for your property

We protect your solar lighting from vandalism and theft. At the same time, solar lighting can be a valuable tool in preventing other forms of vandalism.

For more on preventing vandalism, visit The Urban Institute Justice Policy Center.